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Here at Shift Line, we have been developing unique sound-processing devices for over 10 years. We want your creativity to be inspired by the top-notch sound quality and usability offered by our products. When developing effect pedals, we not only follow our own ideals of "the perfect sound" but also draw from the experience of amateur musicians and the world's top stars alike.

We believe the main functions of our products to be a crucial factor; yet we also think that "user experience" — design, packaging, quality of service, etc. — is just as important in reaching the ideal result that we strive for.

With Shift Line's products, you will gain a trusty helping hand in your creative process. Most of our effects are focused on simplicity and usability, which means that dialing in your preferred sound is quick and easy. We choose not to chase the elusive "mojo"; instead, we use the most reliable, cutting-edge technologies and pay attention to user feedback.

Shift Line is more than just a team of electronics engineers. Ever since the company emerged in 2008, it has been joined by musicians striving to create high-quality products, particularly for those seeking a great sound in a compact enclosure. As years are going by, this desire grows ever stronger; at the same time, our accumulated experience in effect design allows us to come up with more and more complex devices.